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Fairhope Alabama Slow Session Players

In the choir room at Trinity Presbyterian Church this past Sunday, we had a great Slow Session meeting. It was a big group, with 18 players participating (from a current roster of around 30). We played a selection of jigs & reels from our current repertoire (‘The Old Favorite’, ‘Out on the Ocean’, ‘Saddle The Pony’, ‘Dunmore Lasses’, ‘Crowley’s Reel’ & O’Carolan’s ‘Sheebeg & Sheemore’ to name a few) and also spent some time listening to classic Irish trad recordings from The Chieftains and Teada (my new favorite Irish band).

As the last player left after the two hour get-together, I turned off the lights, locked the door behind me and left in high spirits. The music alone is guaranteed to lift anyone’s spirits, but it was much more than that for me. I was proud of how the group has grown in size since I started it in December 2009, and by how much they’ve learned. I was also pleased by the diversity of the group – a mix of players of every age, from teens to seniors, and from all walks of life. This wonderful music has brought them all together and now we’re having a great time of it as we learn to play Irish traditional music as authentically as possible (just not so fast)!

The Fairhope, Alabama Irish Trad Slow Session meets every other Sunday afternoon from 4:00 until 6:00pm. If you play violin, flute, whistle, Irish tenor banjo, guitar, accordion or hammered dulcimer at an intermediate level, have an interest in playing some fun music, and live in the Alabama gulf coast area, I hope you’ll contact me here at thefiddlecenter.com. The invitation is always open to join in the fun!

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  • Mary Burns

    Looking good, Tom! Enjoyed it!

  • Cindy Brewer

    I love the Sunday Slow Sessions. You’re right Tom, it is a very diverse group and that is the beauty of it. It is very cool to have teenagers all the way up to eighty year olds all on the same page with something. Thanks for giving us all such a wonderful opportunity.

  • Walter Kirkland

    Hey Tom, Great times on Sunday at the Slow Session!! Have you got a timeline on when “slowsession.com” will be up and running? Would love to get more tunes and accompanying guitars, etc to practice by.

  • Jessie Beall

    Hi Tom!

    I live in Mobile and play hammered dulcimer. I would love to visit your session group and wonder if I could get a list of tunes that you play.

    Hope to hear from you soon!

  • Please feel free to contact me by email (flyingfrog@aol.com) and I’ll get a list of tunes to you. And you are welcome to visit the slow session group anytime!

  • Teresa Evans

    Please send current info re SlowSessions. Thanks

  • Teresa~the Fairhope Irish Trad Workshop Players are going strong, with more than 30 players on our roster, and 15 to 20 attending regularly every other Sunday. If you play fiddle, flute, whistle, guitar (or other traditional Irish instruments) & are interested in attending a slow session with the group, please feel free to email me at flyingfrog@aol.com to answer any questions you may have that are not addressed on my web page. The next slow session meets on May 8th! Maybe we’ll see you there!

  • TIna Bryant

    Im interested in the Sunday sessions, play guitar some, out of practice, but would love to learn Irish songs as family founded Limerick, Ireland, and love music. Is it this Sunday, Dec 4? Live in Mobile, long way to go to find not correct Sunday! Please let me know, will try to come tomorrow if its correct. Tina Bryant

  • Tina~please feel free to call me in Fairhope at 928-0987 any time to learn more about upcoming Irish Trad Slow sessions. We’d love to have to add your guitar to the group.

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