‘The Raven’s Wing’-The New Solo CD from Fiddler Tom Morley is NOW AVAILABLE!

“I’m best known as a Celtic/folk fiddler these days, but my very first solo CD reflects my long musical journey through almost every genre of music. You might say this album was 50 years in the making, dating back to when I first picked up a violin as a very young lad. I call it a ‘curious collection of fiddle tunes’ because it touches on a number of genres that I’ve enjoyed playing with many outstanding musicians throughout my career. It’s a mix of original and traditional tunes–some well-known and some obscure–with Celtic, Old-time, Bluegrass/Americana, New Acoustic, World, Jazz, and Western Swing all represented. And while I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel here, I admit that sometimes I stirred them up a bit as well. My goal was to present some good tunes, well-played. I hope you agree. Enjoy!”


On ‘The Raven’s Wing’, Tom is featured playing violin, fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin, Irish tenor banjo, and guitar. Guest musicians include David Hughes, Ben Harper & Andra Bohnet of Mithril; Mobile Bay area jazz & bluegrass players Corky Hughes, Joe Morris Jr., Phil Proctor and Daniel Wainwright; and Birmingham string bassist Tim Carroll Jr. Special guests are Nashville accordionist Jeff Taylor (who performs and records with Ricky Skaggs & Elvis Costello among others); Buck Reid (long-time steel guitarist in Lyle Lovett’s Large Band); and New Orleans clarinet icon Tim Laughlin.

TO ORDER YOUR COPY OF ‘THE RAVEN’S WING’ FROM THE FLYING FROG MUSIC ONLINE STORE, SIMPLY CLICK HERE (THEN SCROLL DOWN TO MY NAME)! The CD is also available at cdbaby.com, and you can purchase tracks there as digital downloads.


TRACK LISTING (listen to samples of every track here)

1. Stedman’s Landing (T. Morley)

2. Georgiana Starlington Waltz (T.Morley)

3. Lost in the Loop (Liz Carroll)

4. The Raven’s Wing/The Wise Maid/Dinkey Dorian’s (trad.)

5. Off to Alabama/Sarah Armstrong’s Reel (L. Hobbs/trad.)

6. Cold Frosty Morning (trad.)

7. The Blacksmith Jig/Garrett Barry’s/ The Old Favorite (trad.)

8. Heart of the Heartland (P. Ostroushko)

9. Last Night’s Fun (trad.)

10. Crossing the Cumberlands (B. Monroe)

11. Echoes of New Orleans (T. Morley)

12. Red Wing (trad.)

9 comments to ‘The Raven’s Wing’-The New Solo CD from Fiddler Tom Morley is NOW AVAILABLE!

  • Fran Morley

    Love it! I’m so proud of you!!!

  • Ruth Geraci

    Wonderful cover and selection of tunes. I’m so glad you included Cold Frosty Morning- a favorite. And who knew you were anywhere around 50!

  • Thanks so much for your nice comments. You are closely related to the performer by marriage, so that may color your opinion somewhat. But I’ll take it at face value and I appreciate it a great deal!

  • Thanks for your nice comments. The artwork was done by Bronwyn Coffeen, one of my favorite local artists. She also did the cover art for Mithril’s 2007 CD ‘The Return Home’. You can visit her website at http://www.bron-art.com and see all the wonderful art she creates. ‘Cold Frosty Morning’ is certainly one of my all-time favorite American fiddle tunes, very exotic sounding and melancholy. On my CD, I must admit I emphasized the ‘exotic’ sound of it!

  • Elizabeth Foster

    The new cd is great. It certainly made my drive to work a whole lot nicer! You did an excellent job.

  • nancy hartness

    Hey Tom,
    Charlie and I met you in Fairhope last April. We just heard Raven’s Wing on a visit to Jim and Joyce this past week. Awesome. Just ordered it from the flying frog website. Can’t wait until it arrives. Congrats!

  • Jesús Sosa

    Hi Tom!!! Why you don’t sell the sheet music of your songs in Raven’s Wing… I wanna learn the Georgiana Starlington Waltz … Cheers from México!!!

  • Victoria

    It alows me to feel as if I am there and all the realities of the moment and essece of it! This is true fiddling!!

  • tom cogdill

    Absolutely fantastic album. Road Scholar friends from Beckwith Camp. (Oct. 16-21 2011)

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