Share a Fiddle Tune With Me at an Upcoming Workshop/Summer Camp

Here’s an update on the Irish Fiddle Workshops I’ll be giving in July & August, and the Summer Camps that I’ll also be teaching at. There’s something here for players of every age and every level!

In Pensacola, Florida, Jonathan Clark has been running a great 2-week Summer String Festival at 1st United Methodist Church for several years now. This year he’ll hold the 5th annual camp from June 19-July 1st and he’s chosen a theme that I really like, ‘A Celtic Celebration’. I will be coming in to work with his students each day during week 2 (June 27-July 1). I’ll be teaching them tunes not only from Ireland, but also from the other ‘Celtic Nations’ including Scotland, Galicia and Britany. This camp is open to intermediate students ages 10-14. Contact Jonathan Clark at 850-341-5759 for more information and to sign your child up for this fun and educational experience!

The Alabama Folk School at Camp McDowell in Nauvoo, Alabama will be hosting its 2nd Annual Irish Music & Crafts Weekend on July 22-24, and I will be returning to once again teach Irish fiddling. If you are an adult novice player who would like to learn some Irish jigs & reels, then this weekend camp is for you! (Teens accompanied by an adult are also invited.) I’ll be joined by Jil Chambless (flute, whistle) & Dan Vogt (Celtic guitar), Roberta Stamp (set dancing) and Dena Hand (Drawing Celtic Knots). Jil, Dan & I will even put on a little concert for everyone on Saturday night. Visit the Alabama Folk School page at the Camp McDowell website here for more information.

And last but certainly not least, I’ll be teaching Irish & Old-Time Fiddling to children of all ages at the Mark O’Connor String Method Camp in Charleston, South Carolina, August 1-5. This camp is the newest addition to the series of prestigious fiddle camps that iconic performer/educator Mark O’Connor has been holding for well over a decade. The focus at this camp will be his new highly-acclaimed ‘American String Method’ books, and students will be learning & playing fun American music from the method throughout the week, in addition to enjoying elective classes (including my Irish & Old-Time fiddle classes). I hope you’ll visit the official website for the camp here as there is so much more information than I can include here in my blog!

It’s going to be an exciting summer for me as I travel throughout the south, meeting new string students and teachers and making new friends along the way!

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  • so glad to know about this…had a student’s mom inquire of your camps and give me the pensacola info…will be informing students even though it’s last minute…maybe next year i’ll send a group over to your celtic fiddle workshop! we’ve needed this in our area for way too long…thanks to jonathan clark for this vision for our students!

  • Thanks for your kind words & also for any referrals. I would be glad to come to Pensacola to give a one-day Irish Fiddle workshop to your students so feel free to contact me if you would like to discuss that idea further!

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