‘Along the Road’ with Mithril-Our New CD

The New CD from Mithril

Where does the time go? I can’t believe that Mithril is celebrating nearly a decade together. We started as a duo – Andra Bohnet playing Irish flute, whistle, and Celtic harp with me on fiddle, mandolin, octave mandolin and guitar. This was going to be our ‘hobby’ music—just something to play for fun. But fun turned into an obsession with Irish Trad music, and that obsession grew as we played as a duo at restaurants and functions around the area. In late 2002, we released the first Mithril CD, Banish Misfortune, and thanks to the magic of studio overdubbing, Andra and I played almost every single note on the CD.

Of course we quickly realized that if we were ever to perform those tracks live, our band would need a few more members. After a number of false starts with a variety of players, Ben Harper came in as guitarist and original percussionist David Hughes took over the rhythm duties until his departure in late 2011.

What a trip the past 10 years have been! And now we are releasing our 6th CD, appropriately titled, Along the Road.

The new album features Andra, Ben and I playing our usual instruments, along with two new masters of rhythm, Sam Gaston (on a wide assortment of ‘world’ percussion) and Andy Kruspe (on bodhran, the traditional Irish frame drum).

Mithril, l to r: Sam Gaston, Andra Bohnet, Ben Harper, Tom Morley

Recently, Thomas Harrison with Mobile Press-Register (read his complete article here) asked me how the band has changed over the years, and I only had to think for a minute before I knew the answer. I told him that we’ve changed a lot, yet we really haven’t changed at all. We’ve played from one end of the country to the other, for intimate groups and gymnasiums full of school children, by ourselves and fronting 60-piece orchestras for audiences of thousands, every way we could think of to share our love of Celtic music with our fans.

I know that along the road, we’ve become seasoned performers and have honed our craft as well as any musicians could. But the original vision of the band hasn’t changed in the least. We’ve always loved Celtic music in all its forms—energetic jigs and reels, slow and beautiful airs and tunes, from the simplest instrumentation to the most complex arrangements, all mixed together with exotic melodies and high-energy rhythms from around the world. That’s the formula we started with on the very first Mithril album and have continued refining right up to this latest release as well.

We will officially release Along with Road on St. Patrick’s Day at our performance with our favorite “60-piece back up band,” the Mobile Symphony. This will be our fourth appearance with the MSO, I’m proud to say, and it’s always great fun to play with our friends.

The CD is available at Dr. Music in Fairhope, and at the Mobile Arts Council in downtown Mobile. It will also soon be available at other local locations and at websites including cdbaby.com and out own Flying Frog Music online catalog store.

6 comments to ‘Along the Road’ with Mithril-Our New CD

  • Florence Stratas

    I thought “Tangled Up” was the latest Mithril CD? It was mentioned at the Symphony performance. Is it that one or “Along the Road” that was played more with the symphony. I’d like to purchase one but can’t decide which.

  • Florence, our last CD, ‘Tangled Up’ came out three years ago in 2009. Our 6th and newest CD ‘Along the Road’, was released on St. Patrick’s Day 2012 in conjunction with our performances with the Mobile Symphony. Most every selection we played on our concerts with the symphony comes from our new CD ‘Along the Road’. We hope you’ll plan to get a copy! You can order ‘Along the Road’ from cdbaby (www.cdbaby.com/cd/mithril6) or you can download it from cdbaby or itunes!

  • Connie C. Walker

    Richard & I are enjoying listening to Mithril’s latest CD Along the Road. We especially like the slow air Calum Sgaire, as it reminds us of hearing Gaelic singing in Skye. We look forward to the Sunday afternoon slow sessions & the new tunes we are learning.

  • Connie, thanks for your kind words about the new CD. Mithril does not perform many Scottish tunes, so I am glad you are especially enjoying Calum Sgaire. Andra did such a wonderful job on the string arrangement I thought. You & Richard make great contributions to the Fairhope Slow Session and I’m glad you enjoy it!

  • Bill Ryan

    I first was introduced to Tom Morley when I received the CD “Major and Minor Swing” about the year 2000. It was a gift from my father-in-law. It seems I never get tired of the album. Does Tom have any similar CD’s? Thanks.

  • Tom

    Bill, I recorded a CD ‘Talkin’ Swing’ with clarinesist Tim Laughlin & the New Orleans Jazz All-Stars back in the late 1990s that I am certain you would enjoy. You can find it here: http://www.jazzology.com/item_detail.php?id=JCD-315. My focus these days is on performing & teaching Irish fiddling, which I admit is a far cry from playing Jazz & Swing violin, as I did for almost 15 years between the late 1980s-early 2000s. I no longer have a jazz group of my own or travel to New Orleans very often. Nowadays you might find me in ireland instead!. But anyway, you may want to order this classic jazz album & that way you can still enjoy me as a jazz player!~Tom

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