Attend my educational session on Irish Trad fiddling at the ASTA Conference in Atlanta

It’s been such a wonderful decade or so for me since I became obsessed with Irish fiddling and Irish Traditional music in general. I’ve played with fellow musicians in pubs from Fairhope, Alabama to Washington DC; from Amsterdam to Montreal and beyond.  I’ve traveled around the US performing with my Celtic/World music group Mithril, in small venues, with symphony orchestras, and everything in between. I’ve also discovered how much I enjoy teaching Irish fiddling-just as much as I love playing it! Many of my private studio students are learning jigs, reels and other traditional tunes, and the Slow Session group I started in Dec. 2009 continues to meet and grow. I’ve taught Irish Fiddle workshops in communities around the south, including Alabama, Mississippi, Florida & Louisiana; at the Alabama Folk School; and the prestigious Mark O’Connor String Method Camp in Charleston, SC in Aug. 2011 (I’ll be there again this year for the second annual camp as well).

So I am very excited about the American String Teachers Association 2012 National Conference, which meets this week at the Marriott Marquis in Atlanta.  I will be attending as a presenter, giving an educational session entitled “Irish Fiddling for Fun & Profit-How to Lead Successful Irish Trad Workshops & Slow Sessions.” I hope to give some helpful tips on planning and presenting Irish Fiddle Workshops in any community, with special attention given to picking accessible tunes and how to arrange them for the group. I’ll use my experiences leading my own Slow Sessions and share the things I’ve learned.

My educational session will take place on Saturday, March 24th at 3:45 in Room A701 of the Marriott Marquis Hotel.If you are attending the ASTA National Conference and would like to learn more about teaching Irish Fiddling in your string community, I hope you’ll add my session to your schedule. At the end, maybe we can play a few tunes together!

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