Teaching Irish Trad at the 2nd Annual Mark O’Connor String Method Camp

I’m looking forward to being in Charleston SC this next week, where I am once again on the faculty of the Mark O’Connor String Method camp. This is the second year for the camp and if you’ve read some of my previous blogs about Mark’s method books and the camp itself, you’ll understand why I am very excited to be returning. This year I will will lead several classes of students in learning some advanced Irish Trad fiddle tunes. Mark’s books focus in on American music, but over several hundred years, American music has developed from many influences, and no one can deny that the millions of Irish who immigrated to the U.S. over the history of the nation have had their part in it.

Last year at the camp, so many students (and their parents) asked me if I had a book on learning Irish fiddling that reflected my teaching methods that I resolved to write one. A year in the making, my new book/CD package Learn To Play Irish Trad Fiddle is finally finished and I will have it available for the first time at the Mark O’Connor camp. It’s a collection of 50 Irish jigs, reels, polkas and more, with playing hints and the history behind the tunes, and includes a CD with me playing every selection. It’s written for advanced beginner and intermediate students of any age and can be used alone or as supplemental material with any string method. In other words, it’s for just about everybody! I’ve tried to make this book appealing to students with either classical or fiddling background, for string educators or self-taught players. I’ll describe much more about the book in my blog in the weeks to come. But feel free to contact me at: thefiddlecenter@gmail.com for information on how to order a copy.

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