Positive Reviews for ‘Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle’

Less than a year ago, I published my first tutorial Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle, a collection of 50 classic Irish jigs, reels, polkas and other tunes with playing hints, counting tips, authentic bow techniques and more, plus a look into the history of many of the tunes. I wrote it for advanced beginner and intermediate students of any age, learning any style of music, who could use it as primary instruction or as supplemental material with any string method. It includes an accompanying CD of solo fiddle versions of all the tunes played at a comfortable speed so that students can learn from the written music, by ear while listening to the CD, or a combination of both. I want Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle to appeal to students with either classical or fiddling background, string educators and self-taught players.

My tutorial has a companion website, www.irishtradfiddle.com, where you can read more about the book, look at sample pages, and read reviews from players and educators from Washington DC to Honolulu, and Ireland, too. And now Learn to Play Irish Trad Fiddle has also received very positive reviews simultaneously in Irish Music magazine (Sept. 2013) and Fiddler magazine (Fall, 2013)!

“…a thorough introduction to fiddling, and to Irish and Celtic tunes and their backgrounds. Tom is an inspirational teacher and this book shows that he not only has a passion for the music but a real talent in communicating the ideas and techniques behind the melodies.”

-Seán Laffey, IRISH MUSIC magazine

“It’s clear that Tom knows his onions as far as Irish fiddling is concerned. The tunes are carefully graded…his bowings really work…by the end of the book, I felt as though I had been given a little mini-history lesson about Ireland and its music. My cap is off to Tom for writing an excellent introduction to Irish traditional fiddling. Anyone interested in exploring this fascinating style would do well to pick up a copy of his book.”

-Paul Anastasio, FIDDLER magazine

You can see Sean Laffey’s full-page IRISH MUSIC magazine review here, and read Paul Anastasio’s full FIDDLER magazine review here. And order your copy at www.irishtradfiddle.com.

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