Nashville's Master Fiddler Buddy Spicher

“Tom Morley is one of the few great violinists who can not only play classical music with symphony orchestras, but also play anything from Western Swing and Jazz to Traditional Irish fiddle, all the while improvising with the best of them and sounding authentic in each style. He’s a fine colleague, teacher and fiddler and I’ve seldom met better.”

Buddy Spicher, Nashville Fiddler, performer and violin instructor at Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camps


Kenji Bunch

“I did quite a bit of playing with Tom down in Mobile, when I was working with the Symphony there.  He’s a terrific, versatile player, fluent in Celtic, bluegrass, swing, and classical music. If you find yourself in need of a really dedicated, veteran teacher with the chops to back it up and a generous, easy-going personality, I guarantee Tom would be a great fit.”

Kenji Bunch, composer, multi-genre performer and viola instructor at Mark O’Connor Fiddle Camps


“Tom Morley is an extremely talented fiddler who can play in an amazing variety of  styles. He performs classical music, jazz, bluegrass, Celtic, old-time (and probably some other styles I’ve not yet heard him play) beautifully and conveys his knowledge and appreciation of them with a joy that is infectious to his audiences. He’s great at improvisation, and when he joins a jam session or band performance, he almost always ratchets up the level of musicality and excitement”.

Joyce Cauthen, author of ‘With Fiddle and Well-Rosined Bow: A History of Old-Time Fiddling in Alabama’, executive director of Alabama Folklife Association and one of the state’s foremost scholars of traditional folk music


Ireland's Manus McGuire

“The fiddle playing of Tom Morley evokes memories of players in the rich fiddling hotbed of western and northern counties in Ireland and he has seemingly been greatly influenced by the passion and vitality of Irish music in general.  His playing displays a tasteful approach to and a genuine understanding of the variety of sources of Celtic music and the common background of many of our tunes. He plays with admirable style and tone that is easily discernible to the lucky listener.”

Manus McGuire, Irish Fiddle Master & Green Linnet recording artist (Buttons & Bows, Moving Cloud, Brock McGuire Band)


“I cant tell you how much I enjoyed your fiddle work on Monday night when you sat in with the Time Jumpers. I’m glad I went to the Station Inn during my Nashville trip. Bob Wills would have loved it, and you would have made an excellent Texas Playboy.”

Charles Townsend, author of ‘San Antonio Rose-The Life and Music of Bob Wills’


“…the man with magic in his fiddle bow!”
Frye Gaillard, author of ‘Watermelon Wine-Remembering the Golden Years of Country Music’