From Nashville and Los Angeles, to New Orleans and along the Gulf Coast, Tom Morley has added his fiddle playing (and string arrangements) to numerous recording projects over the years. He’s played on Billboard Top Ten country albums and singles, earning a gold record for his contributions on John Anderson’s ‘Wild & Blue’ recording sessions. He’s played on projects for a diverse range of artists, from Cajun singer Jo-el Sonnier and contemporary Christian band Big Daddy Weave, to New Orleans jazz musicians Tom McDermott and Tim Laughlin. With his own groups, including Mithril, Banna de dhá, the Silverwood Quartet, and 78rpm, his violin adds a key element to each album’s every track. And his solo CD, ‘The Raven’s Wing’, touches on most all the genres he has played.

With Country Singer John Anderson

  • Wild & Blue (Warner Bros. Records, 1983)
  • All The People Are Talkin’ (Warner Bros. Records, 1983)
  • Greatest Hits (Warner Bros. Records, 1984)
  • Eye of the Hurricane (Warner Bros. Records, 1985)
  • Tokyo, Oklahoma (Warner Bros. Records, 1985)
  • Greatest Hits Volume 2 (Warner Bros. Records, 1990)

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With New Orleans Jazz Clarinetist Tim Laughlin

  • Talkin’ Swing (Jazzology Records, 1998)

Available at Jazzology online store. Listen to samples here.


With Jazz Trio 78rpm

  • Major and Minor Swing (Brownstone Records, 1997) (out of print)


With Celtic/World Music group Mithril

  • Along the Road (Flying Frog Music, 2012)
  • Tangled Up (Flying Frog Music, 2009)
  • The Return Home (Flying Frog Music, 2007)
  • Live In Concert (Flying Frog Music, 2005)
  • Winter’s Day (Flying Frog Music, 2004)
  • Banish Misfortune (Flying Frog Music, 2002)

Available at  cdbaby and itunes. Read more about the Mithril CDs and listen to samples here.


With Contemporary Chamber Ensemble Silverwood Quartet

  • A Celtic Mosaic (Flying Frog Music 2008)
  • The Rock Album (Flying Frog Music, 2006)
  • To Drive The Cold Winter Away (Flying Frog Music, 2005)

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Tom Morley solo

  • Tolstoy Park Suite (2006) (out of print)
  • The Raven’s Wing (2010)

Available at CD Baby and iTunes. Learn more about Tom’s Tolstoy Park Suite project here.


Other artists include…