Slow Sessions


Slow Session players in Fairhope AL

The Gulf Coast’s Irish Trad Workshop Group ! Learn tunes in a friendly and supportive environment with others who are at the same skill level!

If you already play violin, flute, whistle, accordion, concertina, Irish tenor banjo, mandolin, guitar (at an intermediate or higher level) and want to learn to play traditional Irish tunes in a group situation – the way musicians play in Ireland – then this SLOW SESSION is for you.

Tom teaches tunes from the Irish musicians’ trad repertoire at half-speed. Students learn from sheet music (provided) and by ear and may want to bring a recording device. Participants are encouraged to memorize the tunes they learn. In later sessions we mix learning new tunes from music and playing older ones from memory.

•The Fairhope (Alabama) Irish Trad Workshop Players Slow Session meets approx. every other Sunday afternoon from 4:00 until 6:00pm at Trinity Presbyterian Church (545 S. Mobile St., Fairhope, AL). In June 2013 the group toured Ireland, performing at community centers, ancient churches, convents & pubs. The group celebrated the beginning of its 5th year in January 2014! The dates of the next slow session meetings are:

New dates for 2014 coming soon

CONTACT TOM MORLEY (or call 251-928-0987) to learn more about joining the Fairhope Irish Trad Workshop Players!

“Thank you so much!!! You share your passion and master skills for Irish music so freely. I am so inspired by you. I went home and memorized my first Irish fiddle song!”  K.C. Arnold, Ocean Springs, MS

“I really enjoyed your slow session. This was the first time I have had an opportunity to play in an environment that was relaxed and very conducive to learning as opposed to the sessions where I have just  jumped in and tried to hang on.” David Dry, Ocean Springs, MS